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13 Jun 2017

Bastiaan van den Engel returned from Argentina

Steamship "Zaandam"
In January 1889 Bastiaan van den Engel (29), his wife Hermina Jacoba Peters (27) and their children Jan (6), Antonia (5), Hendrik (4), Klaas (3) and Adriana Alida (1) arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They had travelled with the steamship "Zaandam". It had been build in 1882 in Rotterdam with deadweight of 3.063 gross tons and a service speed of 11 knots. It could carry 50 first class passengers, 424 third class passengers and 51 crew members.

The “Long Depression”, a worldwide economic recession, had had devastating effects on the Argentine economy, resulting in a revolution around the time the Van Engel family arrived in Argentina. 
Bastiaan van den Engel en Hermina Peters (“Vrouw van den Engel”) were among the 30 persons who collaborated in sending a letter to a newspaper, outlining the problems the Dutch immigrants faced in Argentina. Most of the emigrants couldn’t get a proper job, and thus weren’t able to feed their families. People with debts were even whipped into forced labor. From august 1891 onwards Dutch Newspapers reported about those problems. 

In Rosario in Argentina a new daughter named Antonia was born on 28 August 1890 or 1891 (sources differ), so their elder daughter Antonia must have died after their arrival in Argentina. Early 1892 the whole family was back in Holland, when a daughter Adriana was born on 25 February 1892 in Delft, Holland. More children were to follow.

Bastiaan van den Engel lived in Delft with his wife and children.
Bastiaan van den Engel was born on 27-5-1859 in Hoogvliet, Holland. His parents were Jan van den Engel (1837-1907) and Antonia Maastricht. Bastiaan was married at age 22 on 1-2-1882 in Delft, Holland. His bride was Hermina (Hermina Jacoba) Peters, aged 20, born on 29-3-1861 in Nijmegen, Gelderland. She was an illegitimate daughter of Alijda Mechelina Peters. Hermina Peters died on 16-9-1933 in Delft, aged 72. Bastiaan van den Engel died on 14-11-1939 in Rijswijk at the age of 80.

29 May 2017

Frans Brouwer from Düsseldorf lived in Leyden

Marriage intention in Leiden
Brouwer is a common surname in the Netherlands. The Dutch word “brouwer” translates in English as brewer. The German translation is “Brauer”.

This post is about Franciscus (“Frans”) Brouwer from Düsseldorf, Germany. In 1740 he was living in Leiden, Holland, in a small street named “Lange Raemsteeg”. His occupation was valet. He wanted to marry Maria (“Marijtje”) van der Krul, a young girl born in Wassenaar, Holland, and living in Leiden. Maria was assisted by her mother Geertruijt Pieters van der Laen, who was still living in Wassenaar. Their intention to marry was publicized on Ocober 15 and 22. They were married on October 29, 1740, in the St. Jorissteeg Church in Leiden. 

Frans Brouwer and Maria van der Krul had the following children baptized in the St.-Jorissteeg Church: 
  1. Josephus Franciscus, bapt. 2-9-1741 in Leiden, widn. Josephus Brouwer, Maria Magdalena Schreuders. Likely he died young.
  2. Josphus Franciscus, bapt. 26-2-1744 in Leiden, widn. Henricus Brouwer, Magdalena Schreuders, Joseph Brouwer.
  3. Jacobus Joannes, bapt. 29-3-1746 in Leiden, widn. Jacobus Snarenberg, Joanna Blom.
  4. Henricus, bapt. 19-12-1747 in Leiden, widn. Cornelis van der Krul, Elisabeth Jans van Lier.
The burial of Frans Brouwer was registered on October 5, 1753, in Leiden. At that time he was living in the Pieterskerkstraat. Maria van der Krul had only one living child when she registered to remarry on November 16, 1754, in Leiden. Her intended was Jan Smit, widower of Maria Kuyl, who was living near the Langegragt (= long canal). 

Maria van der Krul had been baptized on July 20, 1710, in Wassenaar. She was a daughter of Sijmen Cnelisse Krul and Geertruijt Pieters van der Laen. That couple had been married in Wassenaar on Mei 9, 1706. Maria had a brother Cornelis Krul, who was baptized on January 2, 1713, in Wassenaar. He had been a witness to the baptism of Maria’s youngest son, Henricus Brouwer. Cornelis Krul was a widower when he married Grietje Schaakenbos on May 27, 1753 in Voorschoten. They had a son named Simon baptized in Voorschoten on Boxing Day, 1755. 

On October 9, 1736, in Zoeterwoude, Holland, Marijtie Sijmense van der Krul and Cornelis Sijmense van der Krul widnessed the baptism of Geertie, daughter of Claas van Duuren en Caatie van der Krul. Other children of this couple were Tijsje, Matthijs, Petronella and Willemijntje.

10 May 2017

Wedding Wednesday - J.Ch.J. Pennekamp & Th.L.M. Brunel in 1779

Jan Cristof Joseph Pennekamp originated from Olfen, Münsterland, Germany. He was living in Wijk bij Duurstede, Utrecht, The Netherlands, when he married there, on May 12, 1779, Theodora (Dorothea) Lamberta Magdalena Brunel, who had been born in The Hague, Holland.

They had the following children: 

  1. Maria Elisabeth Catharina, who died on January 16, 1815, in The Hague, aged 35.
  2. Christina Wilhelmina, bapt. March 24, 1781, in Wijk bij Duurstede, witn. Christina van Rossum. She married on Sept. 5, 1817, in Leidschendam Frans Kukuk, born in Zutphen, aged 25, son of Johannes Kukuk and Maria de Vroom.
  3. Wilhelmina Maria, bapt. April 20, 1782, in Wijk bij Duurstede, witn. Anthonius van Rossum.
  4. Joannes Anthonius, bapt. August 13, 1783, in Wijk bij Duurstede, witn. Anna Brunel, Anthonius van Rossum.
  5. Johanna Maria, born in Velp around 1792, married in The Hague on June 16, 1817, Hermanus Bierau, aged 22, born in The Hague, son of Johan Harman Bierau and Jannetje Schillet. Johanna Maria died on April 3, 1839, in The Hague, aged 45. 

The Hague in the 18th century

19 Apr 2017

Wedding Wednesday - Everd Beij(e)ring married twice in Breukelen

Everardus Beij(e)ring was born in "Linkrik" in Tecklenburg, a county in Germany. In 1753 he was living in Breukelen, Utrecht, The Netherlands. He was 1st married in Breukelen on April 22, 1753, to  Maria van Steekelenburg. Maria was born and still living in Breukelen. Present at the marriage were Anna Margarita Beijring, Everardus' mother, and Peeter van Steekelenburg, Maria's father. 

Tecklenburg in Germany
Everardus Beijering was married a 2nd time, on May 8, 1763, in Breukelen, to Christiena Beek, a young girl, born in Venlo, but, at that time, living in Amsterdam.

Everardus had a daughter Jacomina Beijering. She was born in Breukelen, probably around 1755. Later, she had lived for a while in Amsterdam, likely after her father's remarriage. On November 24, 1776, Jacomina was married in Breukelen to Johannis Frowijn, who was both born and still living in Breukelen. 

3 Apr 2017

Mariner Monday – Arij Jans Verduijn (1694-1728)

Arij Janse Verduijn was a captain of the Dutch East India Company (V.O.C.) who transported goods from Batavia (nowadays Jakarta in Indonesia) to Holland. His parents were Jan Ariense Verduijn (†1736) and Maertje Pieters van Pavie (1660-1744). They had him baptised in Delfshaven near Rotterdam on September 10, 1694. Sponsors were Jan's brother Egbert Ariense Verduijn and his first wife.

Cape of Good Hope in South Africa
At the age of 17, on May 10, 1712, Arij Verduijn boarded the ship “Wassenaar” as a soldier. The ship departed from the island of Goeree in Holland, containing 138 sailors, 18 soldiers and a stowaway. For young Arij it may have been a reassurance that fellow townsman Jacob Verduijn was the ship’s captain.
A long-distance voyage was hard on the health of a sailing ship’s crew. During the first 2-3 months of the voyage newcomers aboard usually developed scurvy due to a lack of vitamin C. A prolonged calm could occur around the Equator, resulting in a trip of over 30 weeks. The ship “Wassenaar” took over half a year to reach the Cape of Good Hope, a rocky headland in South Africa that had been settled by the Dutch in 1652.

The ship with Arij Verduijn on board stayed for 24 days at the Cape before continuing its voyage to Batavia in Indonesia. Arij’s return voyage was with the ship “Voorburg”, sailing from Ceylon to Texel, where it arrived on September 13, 1714. In December Arij boarded ship again. This time he was third mate of Master Jakob van der Poel at a ship named “Nederhoven” with a tonnage of 600. The ship boarded the Cape in May 1715, and arrived in Batavia on July, 28. Arij returned with the ship “Voorburg”, arriving in Goeree on July 8, 1716. He had designated his parents as the beneficiaries of his salary. 

Schip's name
Cape of Good Hope
19-11-1712 tot 13-12-1712

13-4-1714 tot 10-6-1714
3rd mate
30-4-1715 tot 24-5-1715

11-1-1716 tot 1-4-1716
Den Dam
7-9-1723 tot 24-9-1723
Den Dam
22-1-1726 tot 28-2-1726
5-8-1727 tot 22-8-1727

Arij Jans Verduijn was married to Jacoba Borstius on November 5, 1719, in Rotterdam. She was baptised in Rotterdam on June 22, 1698, as posthumous daughter of Jacobus Borstius and Wijna van Riel. Her mother was married a second time in January 1699 to Abraham Hovendaal and had additional children.

The baptism of the eldest child of Arij and Jacoba, Jan, was on August 4, 1720, in Delfshaven. Sponsors were Arij’s sisters Jannetje and Ariaantje Verduijn. When their daughter Wijna was baptised on October 3, 1723, in Delfshaven, Arij Jans Verduijn was at sea.

On May 24, 1723, Arij Jans Verduijn had boarded the ship “Den Dam” as its captain. The ship had been build in 1716 in Delfshaven and had a tonnage of 600. His crew consisted of 104 seafarers and 47 soldiers. They visited the Cape of Good Hoop in September, arriving in Batavia on December 18. Boarding on October 24, 1725, Arij returned with his ship to Goeree in Holland, arriving on June 18, 1726. For this voyage, Arij had designated his wife, Jacoba Borstius, as the beneficiary of his salary.