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21 Apr 2014

Adriaen Mathijsz, a sextuple ancestor

Adriaen Mathijsz lived around 1600 in the Sint Anthoniepolder in Holland. His descendants took the surname "Polderdijk", named after the dike the Sint Anthoniepolder was build on. Adriaen was a son of Mathijs Maertensz and Digna Adriaens, so he was named after his maternal grandfather. Adriaen's known siblings are IJeman, Andries and Maerge, who is also an ancestor of mine through her 1st marriage with Quirijn Geeritsz. Their daughter - and my ancestor - Ingetge Crijnen (1647) married Jan Leneartsz Pors (†1658).

Church of the
Sint Anthoniepolder
The name of the wife of Adriaen Mathijsz is unknown, but 5 of his children are known: Andries, Ingetie, Gerrit, Cornelis and Simon. Simon (1673) is the only one of his known children that I do not descend from. He married twice and had at least 5 children. Simon died in 1673.

Andries Adriaensz Polderdijk married twice, too. In 1629 Andries married his 1st wife, Neeltje Pieters Stooker (±1600-±1646), a daughter of Pieter Joosten Stooker and Willempje Bastiaans who are triple ancestors of mine.
Two of Andries and Neeltje's children are my ancestors: Adriaan (±1631-±1668) and Maijken, who married Jacob Heijndricks Monster. Their son Arie Jacobs Monster was born on January 17, 1669 in the Sint Anthoniepolder and married twice, too. With his 1st wife, Teuntie Cornelisse Barendregt (1674-±1719) he had 10 children and 2 of them are my ancestors: Maeijke Ariens Monster (±1694-1765) and Willempje Arijense Monster (±1711-±1754). So, that makes Andries a quadruple ancestor on his own.

7 Apr 2014

Madness Monday - Joannes Abeel, "an alleged lunatic", was baptized on April 8, 1722 in Albany

Joannes (John), eldest son of Christoffel Abeel and Margarita Bries, was baptized in Albany on April 8, 1722, and was described in 1872 by J. Munsell in his "Contributions for the genealogies of the first settlers of the ancient county of Albany from 1630 to 1800" as "an alleged lunatic": 

In 1899 H. Whittmore gave additional detail about Joannes' life in his book "The Abeel and allied families": 

Joannes wasn't mad at all. In 1748 John settled in Minden, a short distance from Fort Plain. He erected a stone dwelling upon a knoll directly above the flats. He first married the daughter of a Seneca chief in an Indian ceremony and had a son, later chief Corn Plant (Ki On-Twog-Ky). On September 22, 1759, Joannes married Mary Knouts and had additional issue.  
Joannes was taken prisoner by Indians in October 1780 and expected immediate death, but when chief Corn Plant addressed him as father, his safety was secured. Soon Joannes was able to return to his white family. 

14 Mar 2014

Maria Vogelpols would never marry Willem Vermeulen

The first bann of marriage for Willem Janse Vermeulen and Maria Vogelpols was proclaimed on September 9, 1719, in Moerkapelle in Holland: 

"Willem Janse Vermeulen, j.m. van Linden uit graafschap Tekkelenburg
met Maria Vogelpols, j.d. van Tekkelenburg, won. alhier".

Willem was a young man from the county of Tecklenburg in Germany and Maria was a young woman from the city of Tecklenburg in Germany. Alas, they were never married, because Maria fell ill and died:   

"Dewijl de bruid onder de voorstellingen gestorven is,
heeft de voltrekking van 't huwelijck geen voortgang gehad".

4 Mar 2014

Mathias Heesen (1748-1810) from Reurdt in Germany

Mathias Heesen from "Prussia" (=Germany) married in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, on May 20, 1781 Johanna (Sophia) Klettenberg. Mathias may have been baptized on July 22, 1748 in Reurdt near Geldern in Germany, as son of Jochim Heesen and Aleijdis Franszen Smit. This couple was married on November 2, 1741 in Reurdt, Germany. Mathias and his wife Johanna Sophia had 2 daughters: Maria and Christina, both baptized in Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands. Johanna Sophia died on September 28, 1795 in Zuid-Beijerland.

The widower Mathias Heesen was married on February 13, 1797 in Zuid-Beijerland to Geertruij Creutz from Spellen near Wesel in Germany. Geertruij was the widow of a Cornelis Heijstek with whom she had had 2 children: Lijsbet and Antonius. Mathias and Geertruij subsequently had an additional 5 children: Hendricus, Maria, Anna, Matthijs and Cornelis. Cornelis was born on August 20, 1808 in Rhoon, The Netherlands. He married and became the ancestor of my nephew Thom Bos. Cornelis died in Rhoon on August 20, 1890.

Mathias Heesen died on August 13, 1810 in Rhoon, when his youngest son Cornelis was not yet 2 years old. His widow Geertruij Creuts died on December 9, 1831 in Rhoon.


21 Jan 2014

Cornelis Hendrik Jan Bakker (1841-86) in South Africa

Cornelis Hendrik Jan Bakker was born on March 25, 1841 in Hooge en Lage Zwaluwe in Noord-Brabant in The Netherlands. His brother Hendrik Bakker was born on February 8, 1843. Their parents were Franciscus Pieter Bakker (1804-1860) and Johanna Bernardina van de Laar (1802-1846) who had been married on June 19, 1828 in Rotterdam. 

Hendrik moved to Rotterdam, married and fathered a large brood of children. Cornelis Hendrik Jan, however, was a soldier in South Africa. In Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, aged 40, he married Johanna Frederika Juliana Gericke, aged 31, with a special license on July 18, 1881. 

Het Nieuws van de Dag, August 18, 1881

After 5 years of marriage Cornelis Hendrik Jan Bakker died on September 11, 1886 in Kernhardt, aged 45.